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  • Introducing census validation capabilities through Sun Life Onboard
  • Perfect timing to remind employers about EOI - Learn more

 What we shared with Clients:

Click here to learn more about  census validation capabilities through Sun Life Onboard

Introducing census validation capabilities through Sun Life Onboard

We’re introducing an easier and more automated way to ensure the accuracy of initial employee census information for your new Clients with less than 2000 lives. 

During onboarding, when census information is uploaded using the Sun Life provided template, Onboard can now review that file in real-time to validate it for missing information or incorrect data formats.  


The census validation capability will help you and your Clients increase the accuracy of employee data upfront.

Learn more

Perfect timing to remind employers about EOI

For many companies, annual enrollment has already started. This is a great time to remind your clients the important role they play in completing the EOI process. In your next client meeting, share our quick tips flyer for employers to help them understand what’s needed to successfully complete the EOI application process.          

EOI quick tips for employers
The below articles have been shared with Clients. We encourage you to read the articles to stay up to date with Sun Life’s offerings and insights.

Two webinar events on midterm election impacts to employee benefits

Be sure to register for our upcoming 11/9 webinar event, which will be held the day after the midterm elections, where James Slotnick, Head of Government Relations for Sun Life US will provide further analysis of the elections results’ impact on employee benefits.  Specifically, he will discuss:
  • What the new makeup of Congress means for 2023 and 2024 legislative activity
  • How state legislative results, including ballot questions, will have short and long term impacts on employee benefit
Register now

Watch the recording from our last webinar where James discussed how the midterm elections may impact the employee benefits industry.


Sun Life Third Quarter 2022 Compliance News available now!

The Sun Life Third Quarter 2022 Compliance News Update by Marjory Robertson, JD, AVP & Senior Counsel and Abigail O’Connell, JD, Senior Counsel is available now. Included in this newsletter are new and amended unpaid leave laws from California, as well as developments in paid leave law from California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington, D.C, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Washington state.

Read now

Your role in the EOI process

For many companies, annual enrollment has already started. As a reminder, employers play an important role in completing the EOI process. Refer to this quick tips flyer to help you understand what’s needed to submit EOI successfully. Don’t forget! Your employees can also submit their EOI application online. Refer your employees to our online EOI application flyer for instructions.
EOI quick tips for employers
Online EOI flyer for employees

Making it easier to submit claims with Sun Life

To help simplify the claims experience, we recently created separate forms specifically for short-term and long-term disability claims. These forms were previously combined. Our new and improved forms will save you and your employees time while also getting us the information we need to review the claim.
If you have saved our previous claim packets, we ask that you replace them with the new forms. You can find them at  

New digital experience with top 5 high-cost claims by deductible level

Interested in seeing what the top five claims are for your specific deductible level, what those condition categories consist of, and how much spend is on medical versus Rx in one place? Look no further. Check out our new addition to the existing digital resources from the 2022 high-cost claims report to learn more.
Learn more
Click here for a video detailing the update to the find a dentist experience

NEW Find a dentist

Finding a dentist in one of Sun Life’s networks is easier than ever—incluso en español! We have updated the experience so members can find a dentist with just a few clicks. Watch our new video to learn more or try it out yourself.
Find a dentist
Click here to view our vision insurance video series

Vision insurance video series

Did you know: Vision insurance is the 4th most popular employee benefit, and 7 in 10 employees sign up for vision insurance when it is offered.1

Check out our new 3-part series to learn more about why vision insurance is so appealing to employees. The series covers everything from how vision insurance can help control health insurance costs to how you can use Sun Life benefits online.


Watch now

Podcast event features Sun Life experts discussing digital connectivity

In this podcast developed by Benefit Technology Resources, Ted Phillips, AVP, Distribution Digital Center of Excellence, and Luke Adaline, Group Market Manager, discuss the importance of connectivity in delivering a streamlined and efficient benefits experience. They also provide their insight into the future of the industry.
Watch now

Sharing data and insights on blood cancer and the importance of care navigation

Blood cancer is the 2nd highest-cost claim condition in Sun Life’s experience, accounting for nearly 10% of total claims spend over the last four years. With all this spend, and how many people blood cancer impacts, it is no surprise that it is top of mind for employers.
Check out this recent Bright Paper from Sun Life, which discusses the cost impacts, care options, access challenges, and impacts of healthcare advocacy of and on blood cancer.
Access full article here
To learn more about how health advocacy and care navigation can help support blood cancer, and other health conditions from and member and employer perspective, visit the new Health Navigator, powered by PinnacleCare website.
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All we need is your policy number and bill group.

 Making care and benefits easier


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